Wedding Day Questionnaire

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Wedding Day Questionnaire

Thank you for booking your wedding. We have created a questionnaire for you to complete with as much or as little detail as you feel necessary. Of course the more information you can give us the better, it means we will be in the right place at the right time to capture your wedding day as you would like. If there is anything you don't want your future spouse to know about please send me a separate e-mail with the details. Thank you for your time.

The Wedding Party

Bride's Name: *
Groom's Name: *
Contact Telephone and e-mail: *
Bride's Parents' Names: (Please remember to tell us of any special family circumstances that may be relevant - for example divorce.)
Groom's Parent's Names: (Again any further relevant details you think may be of use.)
Maid of Honour, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls or Page Boys. Please also give contact details for the Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid.
Best Man/Men and any Ushers. Again please give contact details of the Best Man.
The Celebrant, (Reverend Minister, Celebrant etc.), and contact details please. Do you already know if they have any special requests with regard to the photography? For example some celebrants do not allow photography at all during the ceremony.
Any other important family members that we should get to know? Children, grandparents, those special people who will be a big part of your day - your VIP guests.

The Wedding Day


Wedding Date: *
How many guests are you expecting for the whole day? Do you have any extra guests arriving for the evening celebrations?
Preparation - where are you being prepared? Is anyone booked to do hair and makeup and if so what time will they be there? Is there anything in particular that you want captured at this stage? Bride with Mum, Dad, Bridesmaids etc. Flower, jewellery, cards - any little details that are special or important to you.
How are you getting to the ceremony? What time is the transport booked for if you have any?
Groom's preparation? Are you doing anything special before the ceremony, (golf, shooting, pub)? How are you getting to the ceremony and what time will you be there?

The Marriage Ceremony

Is there anything specific happening during the ceremony that will be special to you - readings, singing, music etc?
Time and address of ceremony. Please include as much detail as possible including a postcode.
Are there any specific photographs you would like taken at the ceremony venue, bridal party/family or portraits of yourselves?

The Reception

Reception address including postcode please. Who will be the main contact at the reception venue? Please provide contact telephone or e-mail.
What are the transport plans to get you to the reception venue?
What are your plans for the reception venue? What time is the wedding breakfast planned for? Will you have a receiving line? When will the speeches and cake cutting be happening - before or after the wedding breakfast?

Family/group photographs - please list any specific group/family photographs that you would like. It is your day and we will do our best to capture all the photos you request. However, keep in mind that even with the best ushering it can still take 4-5 minutes to find and arrange each group of guests - so try and keep the list to no more than 5 or 6 specific groups. Bear in mind we will always try and get a group shot of all of your guests, each family and variations with the bridal party. Finally please allow about half an hour for us to spend with just the two of you for some portraits around the venue.

Group Photo List.
What are the plans for the evening's entertainment? What will be your first dance song? Are there any other songs that you will have that are special to you, (we can use them for a slideshow presentation of your images)?
During your wedding day the only time we take a break is when you are sitting to your wedding breakfast. Will you be providing a meal for us at this point or do we need to sort something out?

Post Wedding Day

Once we have finished the first round of post production on your images they will be placed in a secure gallery online for yourselves, family and friends to view.  During the evenings festivities on your wedding day we will give your guests details on how to get online and view your images using the Groom's surname as the password. Most of our couples are happy to let everyone see the images at the same time.  Should you wish to view the images before anyone else please provide a password of your own in the box provided below.

Preferred password for your online gallery.

Please feel free to ask about seeing images in Black & White, Sepia or with any other specific post production. Once you have seen all of your images online and are happy we will produce the high resolution DVD or USB drive of all those images and send it out to you.

For all of the other service providers of your wedding, we like to give credit when showing images of their product or service. Please provide as much detail as you can about anyone that has been involved in your special day. Where possible give name, contact information and a website link if you know one.

The outfits! Bride, bridesmaids, Groom, Mother of the Bride etc. Anyone you want to give special mention to?
Transport and Venues - any special mentions?
Hair, makeup, jewellery, presents?
Cake and caterers.
Florist, event co-ordinators, invitation designers.
Entertainment, videographers.
Anyone else?
We like to promote our business on facebook. If you are happy for us to connect with you, please like our page, Accent Pro Images, where you will see all of our latest work and special offers. (If you can send us links to your facebook page too.)
Have you got a favourite quote or saying or perhaps some song lyrics to start off your blog post?

Finally, by checking the Publication box below you acknowledge that Acent Pro Images retains ownership and copyright of your images. As such, with discretion, may use images from you wedding day for marketing purposes to promote this business. Should you have any concerns, feel free to discuss this with us.

Publication *