Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a particular style ?
A: We are accomplished in traditional and photo-journalistic approaches to photography. Our non intrusive manner documenting the fun of the day as it unfolds accompanied by more formal family groups and then some private time with just you two is how we capture your day.


Q: What makes you different from other Photographers?
A: This cannot be put into words, only pictures of high quality, consistency and craftsmanship conveying the true beauty and naturalness of all weddings undertaken. It’s knowing when to press the button; a breath of time can make the difference between a good shot.. and a great one !


Q: How far do you travel?
A: 70% of our weddings are between the UK & Spain. which are the mainstays of our coverage, however USA, Canada and Russia have been wonderful wedding commissions in the past. Our quotation will always include travelling expenses charged at cost should you need us Internationally.


Q: What about ‘traditional’ groups shots?
A: These usually take approximately 15-30 mins as these are essentially required by most clients. A ‘Bridal session’ of B&G alone is needed to capture natural and creative images with a little ‘theatre direction’. The results can be quite dynamic.


Q: What are your charges?
A: We generally arrive at a price that is affordable to you and comfortable to us. Packages are simply a guide with nothing set in stone. Further details available via our Contact Form.


Q: Apart from Albums do you offer Hi-Res DVD’s?
A: Yes, whilst we can supply hand made books of the highest quality from Italy, Spain and the UK, all designed with ‘see, feel and got to have’ factors” DVD’s of selected images can have your favourite music background with a relevant introduction. A proof CD of all images is supplied free for social media use which will be waiting for you at home when you arrive back from your honeymoon. High resolution DVD, copyright free is also supplied at no extra charge included in the upgrade price range.


Q: Who are your Clients?
A: The kind of people who share one thing in common – an acceptance that their wedding day photography is not just another tick off your list, but a sensitive and emotional record of a very special day. They know how special and important it is to preserve and select those feelings and keep them cherished for life.


We meet, and have created those emotions in our images. It’s our passion and our experience that meets all their criteria.


We hope all of this information has been of interest to you and we very much look forward to hearing from you .