Engagement Questionnaire

Wedding Rings and Wedding Cake

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Do you have a wedding website, Facebook page, Pinterest board or any other social media links?
We enjoy spending time with our client's before the Wedding Day so that you are comfortable and know who we are. You are more likely to relax around us and this will show in your photographs. Helping us to capture the very best of both of you. You can help but letting us in to a few secrets and answer as many (or as few), of the questions below. The more you answer the better we will know you! Most importantly have a little fun!
When and where did you meet? Blind date, Online dating or have you known each other forever? Is there a story to tell?
Where and when was the proposal?
Have you ever had a portrait session together before? If so, what was the best and worst parts of the shoot?
Can you tell us about your perfect Friday night together?
What do you like to do - what are your hobbies? What is one fun fact about each of you?
As a couple what best describes your personality?
Have you got a favourite photography of the two of you? Have you got a copy to upload?
Or perhaps you can tell us about it?
Is there a special location that you would like to have your engagement session?
What about a specific, must have photo or pose?
Have you thought what you might like to do with your engagement photographs? Signing book or board for your wedding day? perhaps you have a specific area of your home you are hoping to decorate with images from your engagement or wedding?

Your Wedding!
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Is there a colour or theme to your wedding?
What would you say is the style of your wedding? (Tick all that apply.)
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Which 3 words best describe the 'feel' you want on your wedding day?
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When we photograph your wedding we try very much to stay in the background and capture your day as it really happens.  There is an element of posed photography during the family and friends groups and of course your portrait work.
Have you any specific ideas about how you would like us to capture your day? Are there any special locations for the group photography or indeed for your portrait session?
Usually we take hundreds of photos at a wedding. We'll capture all of the expected moments: that first kiss, the first dance but we will also surprise you by taking photos that you never thought to capture from your wedding. These photos will most likely be your favourites for years to come because they are the unique and personal moments that retell the story of your special day.  To make sure we get the photos that you want; but also record those moments you never knew you could live without in your album, we keep the list of images to a minimum.
Please list the 5 most important photos you would like to have of your wedding day.
Please list the 5 photos you would like to have if the opportunity arises on the day.
That's it for now! We hope that you have enjoyed filling out this questionnaire. When we have read through all your responses we will arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements further.