Congratulations on your Engagement!

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Here are some top tips for what to do now!


Shout it from the rooftops! Getting married is a wonderful thing, everyone loves a wedding! Telling your family and friends will add to all the excitement. Much the best way is good old fashioned conversation whether by phone or in person but not with a tweet or facebook post – please! What about an engagement party? What about an engagement photo shoot?


The date and who’s coming!  After everyone has given you their congratulations and seen ‘The Ring’, Then next question hot on everyone’s lips will be “When’s the wedding?”.  You don’t have to be specific but aim for “summer next year” or “we fancy an autumn wedding”.  It lets your family and friends be a part of the process and maybe make suggestions themselves. Think about who you are going to invite, the list will be long and need revising but setting your budget will be much easier if you know roughly how many may want to come. Don’t forget to get your Parent’s involved too. Ask them who they would really like to see on your special day. It does not have to be set in stone but ideas are good, let them share the fun.


How much to spend? Beautiful weddings can be achieved on any budget because it is all about you and your love for each other. There is no price tag for that! In all seriousness there are ideas galore out there on the old world wide web that can save you a fortune or find that one thing that is essential no matter what the cost. Getting into debt for this special occasion can be a serious issue in your newly married life so be sensible about what to spend. (Decide on a budget and stick to it!) Start a wedding savings account and put some pennies away soonest. That way the old credit card doesn’t get the brunt of it when you have to start paying out.


Dream away… Whether you ‘Google’, ‘bing’, ‘Yahoo!’ or ‘Ask’ search the world for wedding ideas, tips and tricks. From the flowers, transport, venue, and very importantly the dress, there are literally squillions of ideas out there and some things you would never have thought of. Weddings can be traditional, colourful, themed, or all of the above but yours will be all about the two of you. Maybe start your own blog/website to get ideas from family and friends, they know you best and will have some amazing ideas no doubt. There will be some you love and some you realise you definitely don’t want for your day. Get organised with an app, diary or calendar, plan for all those wedding-related tasks you need to complete. Build a journal or start a binder of all the ideas and magazine clippings you have found; ‘Love that dress’, ‘beautiful flowers’, ‘centrepieces are amazing’, ‘love that fun pose for the family’, ‘what a great idea for a best man gift’, ‘that colour will never work’, ‘how’s that for a venue’, and on and on.


I could go on and on but you get the idea! Some final points to consider – get the engagement ring insured! This will be one of the most memorable days of your lives, but don’t forget to have fun along the way. Take some time away from the planning for just the two of you. Hit the town and enjoying being together and building on what you already have together.


Wishing you all the very best for your special day.



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