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The “all important” engagement shoot

Congratulations on your engagement, how are the preparations going for the big day? Have you sorted the flowers, transport, what are your bridesmaids wearing? Being engaged should not just be a period of your life spent organising all the elements of that one big day. Take some time for yourselves, go out for dinner, enjoy a movie together, have a lie in and breakfast in bed, (trust me when the kids arrive there will be none of that!).



Celebrate your engagement! What better way than recording some of those special feelings and emotions. Engagement shoots are fun! They are about us getting to know you as a couple and you getting to know us as photographers. For the couple of hours that we will be together we want you to be relaxed, comfortable and let your personalities shine.



We are often asked what should we wear, where can we go and statements like I hate my photograph being taken! Amazingly most people don’t like their photographs being taken but that’s why we have an engagement shoot, to relax you before the big day. Understanding how we work is one way to achieve that and feeling comfortable in front of the camera means your wedding photos will look natural and unforced too. The idea is to put you in a great spot with perfect light and then you be yourselves, acting silly or being snuggly or both. We try not to do too much posing but we will help you out a little so don’t worry about not knowing what to do. Everyone starts out a little nervous and self-conscious, but by the end of the shoot, you’ll be a natural!



So what should you wear? We always tell our clients the most important thing is to be comfortable. Here are some tips:


  • neutral shades always look good, but try to avoid red, yellow or colours that detract from the subject.


  • no logos and large busy patterns; they take away the attention from your face;


  • your outfits should look good together and compliment each other;


  • wear dressy, casual, versatile clothes that you feel happy with, maybe wear some layers to change the look throughout the shoot?


  • finally, maybe bring a prop with you, something that you share as a couple or has meaning to you both. Perhaps the ring box, a book, flowers, hats, sunglasses, favourite coffee mugs, teddies or photo frame. The options and possibilities are endless but they will add that ‘special little something’ to your photographs because it’s you.


Location is important for a photo shot too. It should be somewhere that means something to you both. Perhaps where you got engaged or had your first kiss? It is also nice to go somewhere like the beach or park, a favourite cafe or restaurant, a famous film location perhaps. Somewhere where we can have some fun. Don’t worry about the good old British weather either. We are sure we can create some memorable images come rain or come shine. (preferably overcast though as it is a softer light and means no harsh shadows!)



An important reason for having an engagement shoot is obviously to develop a relationship with your photographer and build the trust between you. Another reason is to cherish some fun, beautiful, emotional photographs of just the two of you. Not only is it good practice for the wedding day but you could also use those images to ‘save the date’ or have a signing frame at your wedding. How about a lovely desktop framed print of the two of you for your parents?



This doesn’t just have to be a dry run for your wedding photography though, perhaps you could consider organising your trial makeup and hair too? Get your nails done and give yourselves a little pampering, it will make you feel even more special.



There is perhaps a lot to take in here, especially if you are nervous about the camera in the first place. (Trust us – it doesn’t bite!) The only thing to remember is to relax, have fun and go with the flow, let your personalities shine through and let us create and capture some memorable photographs.














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